2023 Courthouse Square Stage

Friday, September 8th 7:30-9:00pm – Lucas Jagneaux & the Roadshow

The name if you don’t know it, learn it! Is pronounced Jag-no. The band emerged from the
woods of northwest Louisiana with a strong desire for their voices to be heard and they won’t
stop until you hear them and when you hear them, you will love them! In spite of the fact that
they hail from the bayou state, Lucas was named 2019’s Texas Music Songwriter Winner.
Immediately following that victory, they dropped their lead single, “New School” that was
featured on Spotify’s Texas Music Now, where it accrued over 400K streams. Following that
success single were songs like “Broken Bow” , “Falls Like Rain”, and their newest single “The
Worst This About Texas” are all sure to make you smile, pull at your heart strings and make you
love being from Texas, even if you’re not actually from Texas. Follow Luca Jagneaux on
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but most importantly follow them over the renovated Historic
Courthouse Amphitheater Stage for the Historic Morganton Festival, September 8th concert!

Friday, September 8th 9:30-11:00pm – Red Clay Strays

With a sound as classic as the crackling of a Sun Records vinyl still spinning somewhere in Memphis, yet
as fresh as the musical stylings of the 21st century, The Red Clay Strays are busy making waves with their
spellbinding and genre-bending brand of tunes. Reminiscent of the vibrant heyday of southern music,
the band finds their origins in the styles of classic country, rockabilly, and gospel-fed soul all the while
ushering in a new era of rock-and-roll that is as distinctive as the men who form it. Born and bred in the
red dirt clay of south Alabama, Brandon Coleman (lead vocals/guitar), Drew Nix (vocals/electric
guitar/harmonica), Zach Rishel (electric guitar), Andrew Bishop (bass) and John Hall (drums), blended
their unique individualities and influences together to create a band with a rare sincerity that is not
often seen in today’s industry. They have spent the past five years cutting their teeth in the Gulf Coast
music scene while simultaneously running the roads discovering who they are and where they belong in
the world as they plant roots in towns big and small across the country by burning down every stage
they step on—proverbially, of course. Their high-energy, emotive stage presence is as lively as their
melodies, though they possess an uncanny knack for tuning into their softer side when the song
warrants it. Whether the song has listeners tapping their toes and shaking their hips as in previous
singles such as “Good Godly Woman” and “Doin’ Time,” or tugging on the heartstrings in ballads like
“Wondering Why” and “Heavy Heart” off their upcoming debut album, the band displays their penchant
for storytelling in any song they sing. For The Red Clay Strays, music is simply a way of life—they eat,
sleep, live, and breathe it—which is emphasized by their passionate artistic integrity as there is evidently
nowhere else they would rather be. At best, they are well on their way to being America’s next big thing,
but at the heart of the matter they’re just five guys from Mobile, Alabama who want to play their music
and fellowship with people while they do it.
Coming hot off the heels of major festival appearances, such as Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Hangout
Music Fest, and Mile-0 Fest where they have quickly become known as a fan favorite, The Red Clay
Strays have found success by sharing stages with iconic acts like Blues Travelers and Drivin’-N-Cryin’ as
well as booking upcoming dates alongside some admirable company—namely, The Steel Woods and
Midland. Solidifying their status as bona fide road warriors, the band has honed their sound by way of
paying their dues in dives and little venues around the United States all the while fostering relationships
in the course of wowing audiences, ultimately gaining momentum propelling them towards larger stages
in anticipation of releasing their first full-length LP, Moment of Truth, in April 2022. In efforts to stay true
to their origins and the authentic vibe they envision, the record was recorded in an old-school manner,
completely in analog as their heroes did in days gone by. Refusing to let the pitfalls of the COVID-19
pandemic put out their fire and quell their passions, The Red Clay Strays banded together in one room at
a studio in the hills of Huntsville, Alabama cutting every track live in efforts to translate the explosive
chemistry from their live performances to recordings. Their multidimensional sound lends to an album
title, and song listing, with multiple meanings, as Moment of Truth is an introspective look at their
transformative journey from young musicians to seasoned stars. The album is as sonically strong as it is
lyrically sound, producing a work of art that will forever stand tall amongst its peers and the late greats
as a musical masterpiece. As an independent band with a focus on the fans as their record label, they
have continued to amass fervent supporters as well as much-deserved industry attention along the way,
by accruing numerous accolades including a song showcase in a major motion picture and multiple
regional fan-voted awards under their belts. At this point in their careers, it is evident the world is
noticing—and for good reason. The Red Clay Strays are prepared to take the world by storm come hell
or high water as they reveal their Moment of Truth. So…How ‘Bout You Come On and join the ride?

Saturday, September 9 7:00-8:00pm – Rev On

REV ON “The Foreigner Experience” is the culmination of six powerhouse musicians/ vocalist
who have each toured the southeast music circuit for decades. They know now joined forces to
bring you the most incredible music catalog of one of the greatest rock bands of all timeForeigner! REV ON “The Foreigner Experience” will play all classic hits made famous by rock
legends Foreigner and entertain you from start to finish. The show will have you singing along
every word and wanting more. Relive the greatest music in rock and pop history with REV-ON
“The Foreigner Experience.”

Saturday, September 9 8:30-10:00pm – Bohemian Queen

Not all tribute bands are created equal! The best are driven not only to recreate an era but to
embody it, and to capture a spirit, enticing those fans looking to relive a memory and those
who missed it the first time around to forget the passing of time through an authentic musical
Bohemian Queen comprises Los Angeles’s finest players and voices, coming together to life a
classic catalog of songs and melodies and to deliver the same level of detailed showmanship
that has dazzled arenas and stadiums. Five top-tier music industry professionals with coast to
coast resumes on a mission to be the world’s best and most passionate tribute to Queen.
Faithfully performing hit after hit, Bohemian Queen delivers a vibrant, energetic set that offers
venues and events a recognizable brand with globally-known classics performed as only this
band of road and studio-tested professionals and Queen lovers can,
The influence of Queen crosses cultures, age groups and music fans all searching for human
connection, sharing the belief that music unites us.

2023 Kid Zone Stage

Friday, September 8th

4:00PM Ed’s Dinosaurs
5:00PM Robert the Magician
6:00PM Ed’s Dinosaurs
7:00PM Robert the Magician

Saturday, September 9th 

10:00AM Ed’s Dinosaurs
11:00AM Robert the Magician
12:00PM Meet & Greet
1:00PM Ed’s Dinosaurs
2:00PM Little Miss Historic Morganton Pageant
4:00PM Robert the Magician
5:00PM Ed’s Dinosaurs
6:00PM Robert the Magician
7:00PM Meet & Greet

2023 Pepsi Stage

Friday, September 8th

5:30PM Burke County Senior Center Dancers
6:30PM Debbie Huffman Dance Academy
7:30PM The Dance Factory

Saturday, September 9th 

9:30AM Tumblemania
10:30AM Sandy Beach Shag Club
11:30AM Hickory Academy of Martial Arts
12:30PM TBA
2:30PM Sherri’s School of Dance
3:30PM Morganton Ukulele Society
4:30PM TBA
5:30PM Southern Swag Dance Academy
6:30PM The Dance Factory
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