Buick MacKane

Buick MacKane

Friday, June 7, 2013

Southern Rock & Blues

Donnie Basham & Jody Isaacs have been playing together since 1987.

Recently, after a couple lineup changes, the two original guys find themselves back in the saddle, along with a new guitarist, Wes Cullars, and new bassist, Chris Singleton.

The Buick MacKane Band is out and playing locally. Come see and hear our new take on things.

The Buick MacKane Band is:
Donnie Basham – Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, the occasional bad lounge joke
Chris Singleton – Bass, Backing Vocals, ‘Seinfeld’ effects, general bringin’ of da funk!
Jody Isaacs – Drums & Percussion, Backing & Lead Vocals, lotsa noise
Wes Cullars – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing & Lead Vocals, single-handedly bringin’ back flannel and holey jeans

Visit http://www.buickmackane.com/ for more information about the band

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